I am 25, originally from Australia but now living in the Netherlands with my partner.

My houseboat, January 2020

In late March 2020 I was living on a boat in Amsterdam while struggling with high levels of depression and anxiety when I experienced a psychotic breakdown. My psychosis lasted 3 days before I was able to receive medical assistance and ultimately get admitted to a psychiatric ward. During those 3 days I became increasingly paranoid, out of touch with reality, and convinced that I alone had the power to save the world.

I remained believing this in the ward for 6 weeks.

This was a defining experience for me, and after searching the internet for stories of people who had felt similar experiences I found little in common with my own feelings, so I have decided to write about what happened to me in my own words and through my own worldview.

I believe mental illness is a global priority, and the more we speak about our own experiences the more we encourage others to speak out and seek help.